May I help you?

Historic St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Galena, Illinois, has given me the title: Pastor Emeritus. In my years of serving there I also preached in other churches, large and small. I joined in reform efforts to help congregations remain faithful. I was involved in a new church start, and a new seminary. I developed curriculum for youth, and presented papers at international conferences. I did research, and wrote books and articles. I have been involved in documentaries seen around the world. I have taken people to Israel. I have developed lots of resources for believers all along the way, and I want to keep sharing them with friends like you.

See this video written by me and enacted by church members and friends: They Gave Us the Gospels


The Word of God

I'm looking forward to exploring the Word of God with you in your setting. Whether it is preaching in your church, teaching at a special event or class, or something else, I welcome the opportunity to join you someday soon.

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